Jennifer Wayland-Smith has been involved in the hospitality and spa industry for over twenty-five years and brings an emphasis on planning and development, daily operations, and sales & marketing. She combines these areas with strong administrative and leadership skills as well as a thorough knowledge in spa, salon, fitness, and wellness issues. Her extensive experience in social media, marketing, public relations, and daily operations in the spa industry will enable YOUR business to prosper in the new age of media and marketing. 

Short-Term Spa Management
    • Maintain and improve current business balance among spa management teams
    • Assist in the interviewing and hiring of new spa management team
    • Evaluate professional product inventory and implement improved processes
    • Monitor and control daily operating expenses
    • Evaluate and monitor payroll expenses for support and provider staff
    • Recommend, as appropriate, updated commission structure for providers
New Spa Openings
    • Focusing management on short-term goals of spa opening
    • Create first year operating budget
    • Design organizational chart and write spa position descriptions
    • Create spa operating manual and standards
    • Develop of spa services menu
    • Create professional product dispensing programs
    • Develop spa opening activities schedule (training, orientations, interviewing and hiring)
    • Develop, create and produce spa collateral materials (brochures, forms, waivers, etc)
    • Set up monthly reports – KPI’s, stats, benchmarks
    • Fitness and wellness program design
    • Evaluate and implement spa software systems
Spa Marketing
    • Analysis of present marketing program
    • Development of monthly/annual marketing calendar 
    • Development monthly events and specials
    • Coordination of monthly events and specials with membership and vendors
Setup & Maintenance of Social Media Platforms
    • Facebook, FourSquare, Yelp, Blog, etc
    • Work with Web developer to create spa Web presence
    • Evaluate current programs
    • Create massage/facial/personal training series programs
    • Evaluate and implement membership pricing
    • Create monthly/weekly newsletters to membership 
    • Refine current programs and evaluate effectiveness
    • Drive membership usage of spa facility
Vendor Partnerships
    • Evaluate current vendor relationships and their effectiveness for the current business
    • Create win-win programs with vendors
    • Incentives for staff via vendors to drive revenues

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